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Welcome Home, Baby Boy!

Well, it’s official! We’re safely home with our newest bundle of joy! We’ll call him Baby Cheeks on the blog for right now, because this kid sure has some cheeks on him!

Baby Cheeks was born very early Monday morning, a whopping 10 lbs. 3 oz., and 22 inches long with a head of red hair to match most of the rest of the family. While delivery itself went pretty quickly, labor was a long, drawn-out, inconsistent process. We spent the day in town, waiting to go to the hospital until I knew that this was definitely time because the weather was horrible on Sunday, and we needed to guarantee we’d make it to the hospital on time.

Once arriving at the hospital, he still took his merry old time, and after laboring for 7 hours with slow progress, we decided to have my water broken at which point this sped up. He was born just over an hour after the fact.

Both he and I are healthy and doing well. And so is the rest of the family 🙂 The kids have been more than enthusiastic about this latest addition to the household! Baby Cheeks might just run the risk of getting spoiled with attention.

The story of our labor isn’t exciting enough for me to share on here, but we did have to drive to the hospital in the middle of this winter’s absolute worst driving conditions (the worst white-outs we’ve ever seen). Once getting to town, Scott and I essentially spent the whole day on a date. As we waited for things to pick up, we went out to eat, did some window shopping, and even went to see a movie. We also spent over two hours total sitting in the vehicle either reading, resting, or praying. I have to say, while it may not have been overly exciting, it was certainly the most memorable.

We spent our first night at home last night, and all went well. Baby Cheeks ate well, had plenty of dirty diapers, and he let me get a decent amount of sleep. I completely understand that the nurses and doctors have so much monitoring to do immediately after a baby is born, but I was so glad to not have anybody coming around to push on my belly or take my blood pressure in the middle of any precious sleep! Scott has taken the week off of work to spend at home helping me out with the kids as I make my recovery and the kids adjust to having a new sibling around. If we get lucky, we may even get a bit of time to start planning out when to start our indoor seeds for this year’s garden!

I hope you are all having a safe winter! I feel like I can finally relax and enjoy the rest of it now that I don’t need to get to the hospital to deliver a big baby!

Welcome home, baby boy!



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