The Secret Garden

I have a secret garden! (That is supposed to be read with a sing-songy voice…) Okay, okay, so it’s not really a secret.  I tell everyone about it, because I am SO excited about it!  So if it’s not a secret, then why do I call it a secret garden?  Well, it’s right next to the road, but it’s surrounded on two sides by trees, actually, three sides, but the trees on the third side are little babies.  But when we moved in, the whole thing was overgrown with wildflowers and REALLY tall grass.  I hardly even noticed the area at all.  After fall and winter came and went, we could actually see what kind of land was tucked away in there, and it’s beautiful!

We found out that there is a little creek (stream?) that runs through there, at least during the rainy times and when the snow melts.  The stream actually runs through a lot of tall grass, so we didn’t even realize it was there.  There used to be a tile line that ran from the pond over to the road, but the line was broken at some point, and now the stream runs above ground, and it kind of floods out instead of staying in one area.  We want to clean up the whole thing, line it with field stone, make it really pretty.  After we do that, there is a pretty good chance that there will at least be a little bit of water trickling through there most of the year.  For this summer though, I am just planning on digging out and lining the stream with stones in the secret garden.  In my mind it looks beautiful!

My first three official tasks of the year for that garden are complete!  1) Plant a cherry tree in the center of the one side of the garden (the garden is divided in half by the stream). 2) Mow the lawn so I can mulch. 3) Get rid of the pile of willow branches.  It’s off to a good start, but I really want to dig my hands in more (no pun intended).  I can’t wait to get the stream dug out and start planting more plants!  I have someone on the line for some perennials that they are looking to thin out, and I am willing to take any more that anyone has to offer!

The Secret Garden will not get completed this year…it’s too big of a space that needs too many plants to fill it up.  The plan is to make it a mostly perennial garden, and I just don’t have the money in the budget to do it all this year.  That’s okay, because it will give me time to figure out just exactly how I want it set up.  I plan to make a few woodworking projects for the garden this year: an arbor (or two), at least one bench, a little wishing well, and a small foot bridge to go over the stream.  Some day (not this year) I want to add a small greenhouse/garden shed at the southern end of the garden…I’d like to build it out of old windows, but we’ll see.  I’ve gotta say, I love Pinterest.  I get so many great ideas of things to do!  And it really helps me to plan thing out just the way I want to, but the problem is finding the time to implement all of those ideas!  I’m always several years ahead of myself with ideas vs. time. 🙁

Okay, I’ll quit rambling now!  I am going to try and get some pictures into these posts as soon as I can, but our camera got wet, and now I only have to camera on my iPad to use, and it just doesn’t take good pictures….so you may have to check back if you want to see pictures of this stuff.  Maybe by next week?

What about you?  Do any of you have dreams for a special garden?  Leave your comments below!



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