The New Camera

Hey Everyone!

IMG_0249 - Copy
This is about 120x zoomed in…the camera does 40x optical and up to 168 digital zoom.

This post is nothing special, I just wanted to share some of the pictures I have been taking since we got our new camera about two weeks ago.

Ferguson is for Farming

After baby no. 5 was born about 3 months ago, our old camera was damaged by water, and until two weeks ago, I had been taking crummy pictures with my iPad.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, we didn’t have the money to purchase a new camera, so I figured we would just have to make do.

Fishing with Daddy.

Well, Scott recently celebrated working 10 years at his job, and as a gift, he could pick one item from a special catalog and the company would purchase it for him. (Pretty great, I know!)  There just so happened to be a really great camera as a gift, and the timing couldn’t have been better.

The moon through the pines.

We ended up with a Canon Power Shot SX410 IS.  It has 40x optical zoom and does 20 megapixels.  In other words, it takes really awesome pictures, even if you aren’t super talented.

The moon through the white pines and midnight clouds.  I guess being sleepless pays off sometimes!

I will admit that my family sort of has photography in our genes, so it’s possible that it comes a little more naturally to me, BUT I’m not great and still have a lot of playing around to do.

Full moon eclipsed by clouds.

I was able to get some really neat pictures of the moon one night when my allergies were keeping me up!

Our Homesteading Journey
The back field

So what does that mean for all of you?  Well, better pictures, and more of them!  So now when I start to take pictures of my projects in process, I will have more of them and better images.  Yay!

Baby toes!  *Sigh*

What do you think about those moon pictures?  Pretty awesome, right?  I love how you can see the craters at the bottom of the picture!


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