The Garden (A work in progress)

Ah, gardening….what can I say?  I found out a few years ago that I absolutely love it!  It is so therapeutic!  It gives me a chance to think to myself, something that doesn’t seem to happen too much when you live with a bunch of cute little kids 24/7!  For me, gardening is fantastic for so many reasons.  For one, when you do it right, you get the benefit of delicious, fresh food, or beautiful flowers.  Either way, it’s a win for me!  Another thing I love about it is how I feel it helps bring me closer to God.  When I am pulling weeds, it gives me a lot of time to reflect on all of things that I need to work on in my life.  It’s as if God is pointing to the weeds and saying, “See?  You have work to do.  You are not perfect, and you need to stay on top of your flaws, keep working on them.”  Who doesn’t need a little of that in their lives?

So, our gardens.  Wow, do they need a lot of work!  We bought a beautiful house with a beautiful property last September, but everything needed a lot of love.  The previous owners were a very sweet older couple, but I think that it all just got to be a little too much for them to maintain.  Scott worked through the fall moving our belongings, unpacking the big things, and just trying to maintain what was happening outside (not even really getting to the clean up part, just maintaining).  And I spent the fall and winter working on the house.  It needed a lot of cleaning and painting, and I just wanted to make it feel like home.  So the gardens didn’t get cleaned up in fall, or winter, and until about 3 weeks ago, I was too pregnant to be on my knees for hours pulling weeds.  The poor gardens!

South side of garden…mostly weeded and mulched
North side of garden…mostly weeds and grass
South half again. You can see a faint line of dead grass, that is the border of the garden, followed by green grass up to the mulch. All of that green grass has to go!

We have a large vegetable garden, and that is my first priority to fix.  We usually do planting around Memorial Day weekend in these parts, so I really need to get my butt in gear and finish cleaning that garden!  If it were just weeds, it wouldn’t really be a big deal, but it is obvious that grass was allowed to encroach on the garden for the past few years, and now there is a lot of grass around the edges of the garden…we are talking feet deep into the garden bed.  I do no-till gardening, we just mulch heavily, and the previous owners did too, but I think they weren’t getting enough mulch down, plus not really weeding to keep the grass at bay.  But this year, we may just have to bring some equipment in to get the grass out.  I am working on pulling all of the weeds out, but I’m only about half done.  If I can work for a few hours a day for the next few days, I should be able to get it all done.

So the vegetable garden needs major weeding, plus we plan to get a new fence up sometime this year.  The old fence was short and knocked down in several places, it was getting in the way of getting grass out of the garden, and it failed at keeping kids and chickens out.  I have about half of the garden cleared out and mulched right now, so I can start planting on that side any time now.

As for the other garden beds, well, it’s basically just flower beds, but they have no borders, no mulch, lots of beautiful flowers, but lots of tall grass and weeds in between.  I desperately want to tame them right now, but there is so much to do before we get there!  But that’s the plan for the flower beds…weed, mulch, add borders.  It will clean up everything a lot, and help to keep the garter snakes and mice away from the house.

So much to do, so little time!


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