Painting the House

It took 5 years, but we were finally able to make get the house painted! We did not undertake the massive job of painting the house ourselves, but instead, hired our neighbor.

There are a lot of pictures in this post (slideshow format for most). It may take awhile to load.

This project would not have happened at all if it were not for a hail storm that came through several years ago. The house was in need of a paint job prior to the storm, but after the storm and a couple more years of wear, it needed it more. Insurance covered the cost of painting.

The house as it was, immediately before work began.

It took until this year to iron out some issues between the bank and insurance. Once the bank gave their okay, we had to see if there would still be time this year to get the job done. It was mid-September before we got an okay, and the end of the month when we got confirmation from the painter.

They started by pressure washing the entire house. The south side looked the worst prior to pressure washing, but after they sprayed the house down, the south side was stripped of so much paint! The paint on the window on the west-southwest corner of the house was completely bare after washing.

Painting was kind of slow work. They did a great job and were pleasant to work with, but the time of year was not ideal for painting. There was a lot of wind and rain to work around, plus some early snow and cold weather. In the end, the job was completed before winter settled in, and we really couldn’t have asked for more. We knew what a big job it was, and that it was potentially too late in the year for them to even do the job.

These were the color samples we were looking at. Our house color is the bottom, second from the left. This picture is probably the best that you’ll get of the actual color of the house. The color changes so much, depending on the time of day, how cloudy or sunny it is, and depending on what you see in the foreground of the house. From the back of the property, the house looks more green against the dry, yellow grass.

We chose the color “Mallard Teal,” and we had the trim painted white. They accented the spindles on the corners in the teal color, with the white surrounding it. Even though we are most likely going to do something different with the stairs to the back of the house, we had them give the side of the back stairs a fresh coat of paint, and it makes such a difference!

I was especially excited to be able to decorate the house for Christmas, but in the end I kept it pretty simple. A string of garland on the upstairs railing at the front of the house, some Christmas lights around the roof of the porch, greenery in containers, and a wreath on the front porch and back door. If I didn’t think it would cost my sanity, I probably would have done more…. Maybe next year.

Painting the outside of the house encouraged us to finally tackle some inside projects that have felt like they were haunting us for a long time. We were really struggling with certain organizational issues in the house and couldn’t quite see our way around them, but the house getting painted inspired some new ideas. It was like a domino effect, one space touching and inspiring another, and for the first time since we’ve moved here, I feel like we’ve finally got the right set-up for all of the rooms of our house.

I’m so grateful for the many blessings of this year. I don’t know that I can accurately describe what painting the house (and granary) felt like… We’ve been sprucing up the inside for years, working on little projects around the yard, doing things to improve the structure of the property, but it didn’t show outwardly very much.

It’s kind of like going through the process of changing your diet for the better… a little weight comes off here and there, you might notice your skin improve, but all the while your clothes get baggier and baggier, and maybe you look a little frumpy even though you look better than ever before. You buy some new clothes that fit right, and all of the sudden, all of that hard work and those little changes becomes noticeable. Painting the house was like buying those new clothes.

I am working on posts for some of the other changes we’ve made recently, so check back if you want to see what we’ve been doing this year!

Love and Blessings~Danielle


  • Susan Casper

    My favorite color–both to wear and to decorate with. The house is perfect–love the contrast of the bold sides with the bright white trim. It’s such a huge project; bet you were glad it was a success. How many square feet is your house, anyway?. It seems huge. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    • Spring Lake Homestead

      Thank you! It was such a relief to see it come together like I pictured. It’s a very bold color, so I am glad that we’ve gotten so many compliments on it. But I felt pretty confident in my choice! I think our painter thought it was a risky color, but he was really happy with how it turned out in the end. Huge is an adequate descriptor of our house. It’s about 2500 square feet, with a useable basement and lots of rooms!

    • Spring Lake Homestead

      I agree. Before and After photos are always fun. And it’s neat to see how it changes as it goes. It looked so much better with just one coat of paint, even without the trim done, but all finished it looks so incredibly different!

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