House Tour: A Purple Bedroom

It’s time for another short tour, this time of Miss Lady’s bedroom.  It’s purple and pink and full of polka dots.  She likes things girly.

When we moved here, I could not get over how difficult it was for Miss Lady to adjust to a new house.  She was 3 1/2, and I really expected Pumpkin or Peanut to have a harder time, but we found out that she doesn’t forget anything.  (Unless you are trying to teach her to read… then she can’t remember anything.)  Going from street lights to country darkness, she struggled to adapt.  The “forest” houses an owl and some bats which didn’t sit well with her, and it took until February for me to get her room painted like we had promised to do as soon as we could.

Thankfully we had enough things from the old house to make her room feel like home in spite of everything, and now even though she still misses the old house, it doesn’t bother her like it used too.  I think her favorite part about her old bedroom might have been looking out the window at the neighbors or watching whoever was in the back yard playing.  I have a feeling my neighbors miss seeing her pudgy little face staring out at them!

Miss Lady’s room didn’t start off too bad.  In fact, most of the rooms upstairs looked fine.  There was nothing fantastic about any of them, but nothing that really got me to cringe other than the family room.  The woodwork upstairs is a little more orange than what is downstairs, not particularly to my liking, but it could be worse.  At some point in time, I may end up refinishing the woodwork in some of the spaces upstairs, but I’m not in any rush to get started on that.  There was some picture rail running around the ceiling that wasn’t really doing it for us, so we took it down and used it for a boarder in the kitchen makeover.  The floors don’t look the best, and someday I would like to have them refinished, but…someday…you know.

Now, I like her room, but I have to say, if I didn’t consider the feelings of my fellow housemates while decorating, my house would look very, very different.  I’m happy with how most of the rooms turned out, but there are only a few rooms that I was completely satisfied with when I was finished painting and decorating.  In fact, it was extremely difficult for me to relinquish complete control and listen to the opinions of my family.  So though her room isn’t exactly what I would have chosen, it’s her room and she loves it, and I think it’s perfect for her.

Miss Lady after proudly staking claim to her new bedroom!

Her room started out a light yellow color, but she wanted a purple room.  Her last bedroom was painted Bubble Gum Pink…no really, that was the name of the color of the paint.  But she still wanted plenty of pink girly-ness in the room.  We used a lot of the same things she had in her room at the old house, but we switched a few things up this time.  Since I was on a budget, the only things I bought for her room were the curtains and curtain rods.  I mixed the paint from 3 cans I had leftover from other projects, and it just so happened to turn out exactly the color that I needed!  How’s that for lucky?!img_2103

Miss Lady inherited my very pink, girly bed from when I was growing up.  It’s a metal bed-frame painted light pink, the ends look like hearts, and there are some flowers on it as well.  The dresser and bookshelf were both dressers that Scott and I used to have in our bedroom, only they were given a redo for her room.

She needed curtains that would help keep her room warm.  The house isn’t insulated very well at the moment, and so I was limited in my curtain selection for the sake of keeping her room warmer.  The color works for what she wanted, and they have little white polka dots all over.

I don’t think beds can get much girlier than that! (Well, the bedding could be, but not the bed itself!)  The “forest” goes right up to her bedroom window.

The bookshelf used to be a dresser, but I removed the drawers, added shelves, painted it, and covered the backing with some fabric that we picked out to coordinate with her room.

The bookshelf gets used as a doll house more often than a bookshelf.  On the top shelf, it is holding her dolly’s bed/couch that she built and painted. Next to that is her “tea party table,” and the lamp her auntie made for her as a Christmas gift.

The dresser was painted to match the bookshelf, and the pink scroll-work used to be gold was painted with some of the leftover bubblegum pink paint from her old room.

Dresser repainted, with pink scroll work.  That door might have to get re-stained soon…

The artwork next to her bed consists of a vintage furniture decal, a vintage puzzle, and a painting of “Mingo,” all framed, and a wall-hanging/baby quilt that my mom made for her when she was born.

Then there is her “Barbie” picture.  It’s a silhouette of her head that she and I made.  I was trying to come up with at least one more art project for the walls, and she saw a Barbie logo with the silhouette that I had saved for inspiration that she fell in love with.  She was very proud of the finished project…I was happy, but getting her to sit still for it was…difficult.

Miss Lady’s “Barbie” silhouette.  The frame was an old frame a friend gave me, and Miss Lady and I painted it pink, then white, and then distressed it.  The silhouette itself was traced onto some scrapbook paper and then glued onto a piece of poster-board.

Polka dots seem to be the “theme” of her room, because if you look close enough at most of the things in there (not that you can see it in the pictures), you can find polka dots on nearly everything.

When her cousins come to play, her room explodes in all things girly.  They play dress-up or dolls or house, they become ballerinas or princesses.  But when her brothers are in there, they build forts and CONSTANTLY rearrange her furniture.  They also love to play “zoo” or “store” or “sale” up there.  She loves to play hide and seek in there, but she only hides under the bed, so it’s not really much of a surprise.  And some how, no matter how many times I explain that the laundry should either be in the laundry basket or the dresser, her room will have clothing EVERYWHERE.

By the way, Miss Lady says, “Next time you come visit, will you please come see my room and play with me?”  It’s basically her pride and joy 🙂  Tomorrow I am hoping to be able to give you a tour of Pumpkin’s room!

So, how many of you have let your kids be the sole decorators of their rooms?  How many gave them zero say?  How many of you have not given any thought to decorating?  I tried my best to let them have as much say as possible, only vetoing things that would have made the room completely overwhelming to anybody’s senses.  Doodles and E didn’t get any say, but the big 3 did!




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