Fall Flurry

Fall Flurry

When the weather turns from blue skies to gray, hot to cold, you can be nearly certain that it will have sparked an urge in me to complete some sort of project.  I know it’s not this way for everybody, but for a lot of people, I think we are naturally hardwired to be productive during the spring and fall months.  The weather is usually at its optimal comfort range for productivity, and when you look at the cycle of what is the life of those who farm and garden, you see that this lines up with planting and harvest season.  Well, if you haven’t heard, our garden was kind of a pathetic failure this year, so I am not so busy with the harvesting stuff, yet I have the energy and ambition to get rarin’ to go on another project (or 10).  It’s time for the fall flurry.


Fall Flurry
By the way, when I took this picutre, I did NOT see the crane that looks like it’s standing on top of the chicken tractor on the left! It’s actually standing on top of a bird house out on the property, quite a ways away from the coop… That’s one big bird!


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I thought about writing last week, but let’s face it: I had better things to do with my time 🙂  Two weekends back, I was beginning to paint the dining room, and Scott and I were starting to talk plans for an upcoming trip.  Saturdays are usually busy, and Sunday we rest, so the house inevitably needs some work.  Mondays always start as a cleaning day at home, late Monday mornings we have German lessons, and the rest of the day is typically spent working on other school work and cleaning.  After lessons last week, we stopped in at M’s house to pick black walnuts (which I have still yet to have hulled… better get on that!).  I’ve been taking Monday nights “off,” and that Monday I spent with two friends.

Backtrack to two Thursdays ago, I was at my brother’s house, talking with his wife, Tiffany about all of the things they want to get completed around their house.  The only problem is, she’s 8+ months pregnant and doesn’t exactly have the motivation to get the ball rolling on any of these projects.  They moved a couple of months ago, and she was ready to see something change around the house.  Well, I may have been just a tad more than eager to jump in and help.  That very night, I was pulling wallpaper off of their bathroom walls… Since leaving their bathroom in that state would have been exceptionally rude, I was back on Tuesday to scrap wallpaper.  And again last Thursday to paint the walls.  And again on Friday to babysit the kids and lay some peel-and-stick tile on the floors.  There are still some things to be done in the room, but it’s all minor things that they can do at their leisure.

As if that wasn’t enough of a project already, on Tuesday night I decided I would finally paint our dining room.  After replacing the kitchen sink and cabinet, there was damage to some plaster on the dining room wall.  I didn’t have the paint needed to do touch-ups, so it’s been a project waiting to happen. I actually started edging it over the previous weekend, but Tuesday evening/night I finished the job.  I topped the project off by placing all of the crystals back on the chandelier… they had been removed by a previous owner, and I never felt right having them up when the room was so dark before, but now they seem more fitting.  I’ll have to do a full before and after for you sometime, but I might wait awhile to do that.

Then this past Thursday morning before heading over to Tiffany’s, I started to work on the hand-sewn Christmas stocking project with the kids for the Sewing Saturday series.  We’re almost done, but we ran out of embroidery floss, so we’ll probably work on finishing those up today, and I should be able to get that post up on Saturday, though I have a learning hurdle to overcome to get a pattern up online for you!  While we were at Tiffany’s, the kids worked on making some cute candy corn bunting and did a few other “school” things together.  (We got the idea for the bunting from SoulyRested.)  In retrospect, I probably should have had the kids use marker or paint for the bunting, but it’s still really cute!

Friday into Saturday, some of the cousins had a sleepover here, and Saturday morning was our 3rd round of butchering.  This time, we butchered 36 chickens.  The chickens averaged right around 5 lbs. per bird.  These ones were a little younger than the last two batches, and we gave them less feed and let them do some more grazing instead.  It took us no more than 4 hours from start to finish, including clean up (but not set-up) to butcher the chickens.  We had help from my mom (Trudy) and our friend.  Our friend dunked the birds in the scalding pot and worked the plucker, while my mom worked on packaging.  Scott did all of the gathering of the chickens, dealt with the whole death part, and between he and I, we did all of the evisceration.  All things considered, it only took us about 3-3 1/2 hours to butcher and package 36 birds, while it took us 2 hours to do 12 birds last time.  Most of that is about finding your “rhythm” but part of that was having somebody dedicated to each station.

After clean up from butchering, Miss Lady and I had a birthday party to attend. Sunday was our day of rest.  I napped a lot and read a lot.  On Sunday I finished reading The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel (earlier in the week, Scott and I watched the movie together).  Forwarning, if your child has ever had a near-death experience with choking, maybe don’t watch the first 10 minutes of the movie.  Or at least close your eyes when they are in the restaurant.  His daughter was fine, but I cried the rest of the movie because of it.)  Anyway, a good movie, great book.  After I finished the book, I wanted to read The Case for a Creator, so I’m working on that one now.  Only, when I started reading it, he mentioned The Case for Faith, so I’ve got that on my nightstand waiting to be read after this one.  We also watched Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels over the course of a few nights, and sometime recently we watched Saving Christmas (which talks about just some of the symbolism of Christmas).  All very interesting.   I grew up in a household that discussed theology quite a bit, so it’s always been a topic of interest…  Scott and the kids did some astronomy lessons, and I

Scott and the kids did some astronomy lessons on Sunday, and he worked on genealogy the rest of the day.  While he and I read, the kids will either read as well or find something else to do like play outside or draw pictures.  We typically end up watching some sort of television in the evening until it’s bedtime.

This Monday was the same as most Monday’s with clean-up in the morning and German lessons in the late morning/early afternoon, only we had to run errands afterward, so we were gone even longer.  Oh, and I had agreed to do some alterations on a Halloween costume in partial barter for the German lessons we take, so I had to finish that up on Monday morning as well.  As I mentioned before, there’s a trip coming up for our family, so I’ve been spending more time recently thinking about that and making plans: what to pack, finances, planning for periods of boredom/keeping the kids entertained… And this past Monday on my night off, I did a little shopping, picking up a few items I needed for a project for the Handmade Christmas Gift Boot Camp among other things, and spent the rest of my time away from home at Starbucks, writing.

And I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the sunrises, sunsets, and clear, starry nights we’ve been having!

Fall Flurry
Last night’s beautiful sunset over the peak of the granary.

Am I alone in the fall flurry, or do you get motivated to work on things too?  What kind of things have you been up to?  Let me know in the comments 🙂




  • The Big Garden and Croft

    J & D > It’s as you say, Danielle, everything conspires to make us more productive/creative in spring and autumn. For the latter, nightfall at this time of year comes forward by 10 mins or so each time – it’s now 6:40pm (on summer time – just 5:40pm GMT which starts very soon). There’s less to do in the garden anyway, and we’re desperate to catch up on indoor work neglected in fair weather, and enthusiastic to start projects we’ve been thinking of as the summer wanes.

    • Spring Lake Homestead

      That’s about the same here as well for nightfall. It definitely pushes me to get more done outdoors during the daylight! Normally we’d be lagging more indoors, but since there wasn’t as much to do this year outdoors, we had more time to focus on the indoors. Looking forward to hearing about your indoor projects!

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