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So, you want to get to know me better, huh?  Well, I’m not sure why, but here goes!  First off, you should know that I ramble.  I try not to, but old habits die hard! (Let that be a warning ;))

Meet me, Danielle!

Where to begin?  Who am I?  My first reaction is to tell you that I am a mother of five beautiful children, but that’s not really who I am, now is it?  To be honest, I am basically living the life I always dreamed of as a little girl.  God put a dream in my heart, and now I get to live it!  I always wanted to get married young (check), have kids young (check), live in the country (check), be a stay-at-home-mom (check), build things (check), and do something for God (check?).

I do a little of everything if I am to be honest.  I am very probably a Jill-of-all-trades, master-of-few (not none).  I can do a lot of things, I am great at figuring out how stuff works, making things, fixing thing…but I don’t have the vernacular to go along with it, and I definitely don’t always do things the “professional” way, though I am not a duck-tape can fix it kind of a gal.

But really, what do I do you ask?  Well, a few years back, I probably would have listed sewing as my number one…I used to be a seamstress (well, still am), but with 5 kids, it’s kind of hard to do that as a job anymore.  I can do just about any kind of sewing, but I excel at machine sewing, especially when it comes to making things from scratch without a pattern, be it clothing or quilts or stuffed animals.

I also LOVE to paint, especially walls, but I occasionally paint pictures, though nothing I would brag about.  And build things.  I mean, I LOVE to paint, but I LOOOOVE to build things.  Like porch swings and coffee tables, while I’m 8 months pregnant; that kind of LOOOOVE.  I like singing and music in general.  The singing is for my own personal enjoyment, and maybe to embarrass the kids, sometimes to make them happy and calm down.  Music on the other hand…play some Michael Buble or Nat King Cole, and I can go from grumpy to sunshine in no time flat (but it’s not that way with all music).  I also love running, but thanks to some high school injuries and being pregnant for, well, a lot over the course of 8 years, I don’t do it much.  And chocolate.   I really love chocolate.  I am probably really, truly an addict.

Gardening is a new-found passion of mine.  I know that I have a million things to learn, and spend a LOT of time on Pinterest reading articles and gleaning ideas.  (Scott likes to pick on me for Pinterest, but really, it’s way better than any magazine, because they have everything on there.)  It’s not just vegetables and fruits that I like to raise, but flowers too.  I have a “Secret Garden” that will (hopefully) someday be filled to brimming with beautiful flowers, and we are slowly working to expand our vegetable gardens.

I guess what it boils down to is that I love making things.  I love to create.  I am at my most joyful when I can be fully immersed in making something new or bringing life back into something.  That’s probably exactly one of the reasons why God chose this property for us, because it gives me the room and a reason to do all of these things.  One spring I had been wondering exactly that (we were still at our old house); why had God given me such a strong desire to do all kinds of crazy, big, wonderful things if I didn’t have a reason to put it all to use?  I can see why now, but I’m still not sure what the big picture is just yet.

And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention 6 of my all-time favorite “things.” 1) Scott.  He’s my favorite.  None of this would mean anything if I didn’t have him at my side.  We can take walks together (without the kids) AND hold hands now that we have trails to walk (he hated taking walks while we lived in the city)!  It’s pretty great.  And the other 5 things? Well, the kids of course!  They may drive me near insanity a good chunk of the time, but there is nothing quite like one of their smiles, an “I love you, Mommy,” or their hugs and kisses.  I love that I get to be home with them and to be their teacher.  It might be crazy-stressful at times, but it’s also the most rewarding and amazing thing ever!

Well, duty calls!  There are children to be fed!




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