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    Mother of Seven

    Yes, my friends, it’s official. I’m the mother of seven children! It still sounds weird to say, but it doesn’t feel weird at all. It feels completely natural, and a little like this is how life has always been. Things have been good around the homestead. Busy, chaotic, and sometimes a little extra stressful or overwhelming, but on the whole… good. The kids are in love with Baby Olive, we’re slowly picking away at the harvest, we’re making plans for the rest of the homesteading year for butchering and such, and we’re managing to mostly keep on top of housework and schoolwork. I’d like to be doing a little more…

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    Less Than a Month

    My friends, it’s less than a month to my due date! Please continue to pray for a safe pregnancy, delivery, and baby. The final stretch is finally here, and I am relieved to be rounding the corner to the finish line! This past weekend, we hosted Miss Lady’s 8th annual Tea Party, and now that that’s completed, I’m pretty much ready for baby at any time. The crib is set up, baby clothes sorted through, diapers ready, diaper bag for baby is packed. Just a few odds and ends to tie up at this point in time. I’m trying to mentally shift gears to house cleaning and also food preservation…

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    Happy July!

    Happy July, friends! Here we are, another month nearly half-gone, but I’m thankful for the busy schedule keeping my mind occupied and all the time spent accomplishing important tasks and spent with friends. I’ve made an effort to do more reading in the last week and have tried to pull back a little on the workload. I had several days where I didn’t step foot in the gardens, so I’m now feeling torn, like I need to put in a bunch of work, and also being to that point of not wanting to do much of anything until harvest time because I’m getting a little more easily worn out, it’s…

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    It’s June… Where Has the Time Gone?

    Despite my intentions and attempts, we’re a bit behind in getting anything shared on here. We’ve been quite busy, but other issues prevented me from posting. Lots has happened since I last wrote. Animals have been born and died, others brought to the farm, gardens planted, the barn is being disassembled, we helped friends and family, and friends and family have helped us. The list of activity is quite lengthy.

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    Plans for 2022

    I’ve been thinking a lot about our plans for 2022. It’s been a little bit difficult to come up with something I feel is fairly solid, because we have a couple of variables that are, to some extent, unknown. But I’m doing my best to try to map out a plan for the year so we know what steps to take and when. Every year, there are several factors we take into consideration when coming up with a list of goals for the year. Finances and time commitments, as well as our desire to reach a goal are all things we need to think about when making our plans. If…