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An Aspiration Operation

What started as a great day that Friday quickly turned into a nightmare, and it all started with a peanut.  It wasn’t even a whole peanut, but half of one, broken into two pieces.  Those two chunks of peanut nearly caused us to lose our baby. Friday, September 8th was Doodle’s 4th birthday.  We woke… Continue reading An Aspiration Operation

About Us

Busy Life and Delicious Maple

Today, I am breathing a big sigh of relief.  Well, yesterday I did too, and Sunday, but this is the first week of August I don’t have a booked schedule.  Sunday is always a day of rest, so I mostly just let my brain melt that day.  Yesterday I was soooooo grumpy.  I’m on day 9… Continue reading Busy Life and Delicious Maple