Bringing Home Baby

Well, we had the baby! Olive was born on Thursday, August 18th. She’s a big baby, but my second smallest. She was delivered relatively quickly after about 4 hours of labor with contractions at a steady 5 min. apart. I was given a drip of Pitocin when things weren’t picking up pace, and my water was broken to help speed things up. Once that was all done, things really moved quickly.

She has reddish hair and bluish eyes, so she matches most of the kids pretty well 😉 The kids are all in love with her, no major jealousy… only jealousy for her, to be able to hold her and look at her!

Momma is doing well. This labor was probably the easiest of all of my labors in terms of the toll it took on my body. This was the first time I didn’t have a big tear, lots of swelling, or feel like my stomach was about to fall out! Ha! I think all of the walking and work that I did these last several months really paid off, because my abdominal wall felt so much better than in times past, and I have just about felt like I could do normal activities right away (though I haven’t).

Today was my first outing without Scott to chauffer me around. The hardest part about recovery this time is accepting that I can’t just go about my normal routine right away. It’s fine, though. We’ve still been getting chores done around the house, doing schoolwork, and taking care of the gardens as needed.

I’ll try writing again soon when I have more time, but I wanted to post a quick update for those wondering. Pictures will come!

Love and Blessings~Danielle


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