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    Happy July!

    Happy July, friends! Here we are, another month nearly half-gone, but I’m thankful for the busy schedule keeping my mind occupied and all the time spent accomplishing important tasks and spent with friends. I’ve made an effort to do more reading in the last week and have tried to pull back a little on the workload. I had several days where I didn’t step foot in the gardens, so I’m now feeling torn, like I need to put in a bunch of work, and also being to that point of not wanting to do much of anything until harvest time because I’m getting a little more easily worn out, it’s…

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    Weeding, Weeding, and More Weeding

    Well, if you get a post by this title twice, I’m sorry. I published, and then it showed up nowhere that I could see! So, I’m redoing it. I’ve been too busy to take pictures recently, so I’m sorry I don’t have anything to share! Things are going well, but they’ve continued to be busy. I spent 6 hours weeding with my mom the other weekend. There’s been a lot of days like that… hours and hours of weeding. We’re nearly past the worst of it at this point, but I still have another week of some heavy weeding to do before things slow down. The gardens are doing well,…

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    It’s June… Where Has the Time Gone?

    Despite my intentions and attempts, we’re a bit behind in getting anything shared on here. We’ve been quite busy, but other issues prevented me from posting. Lots has happened since I last wrote. Animals have been born and died, others brought to the farm, gardens planted, the barn is being disassembled, we helped friends and family, and friends and family have helped us. The list of activity is quite lengthy.

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    Springtime Flurry

    It’s the springtime flurry! Activity everywhere and non-stop. I start my days early and fall asleep by 9 most days, completely and blissfully exhausted. It’s been a very busy May, but it feels so good to be active after this past winter and the slow start I had to spring! I’ve been able to walk regularly the last few weeks, and what a difference it makes! Sure, I do get tired some days from all the activity between the gardens, house, and walks, but I can feel my strength and energy returning. The saying “You don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it,” is so true. I don’t enjoy…

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    May Days

    Well, it’s May! The time has suddenly gone from a slow crawl to the speed of the start of a race. I can only imagine that it will get much more intense in the coming weeks and months. Once again, I’ve tried writing many times, only to end up with nothing published. I start a post, but then need to update it, only to be interrupted partway through. So, I’ll do my best to keep this brief. First, we’re getting rid of the internet. We unplugged over the weekend, and I’m only going to be using it maybe once a week when I head into town and have access to…

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    Community Planning

    Lately the topic of community has come up a lot… I’ve heard about it a lot from other homesteaders, from family and friends, and a whole bunch of other sources. It seems to be on everyone’s mind. I’ve discussed a bit about community when it comes to having emergency plans, but I’d like to dig into the value of community planning a little more today. By this point in time, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are taking the issue of preparedness seriously. It became glaringly obvious to people that certain habits and thought processes needed to be adjusted. Societally, we took the systems that are…