The Produce Stand

August 20 & 21: Produce Stand Open

The stand is open! Stop over to get fresh veggies, herbs, and flowers! We also have potholders, reusable bags, and hand-painted dishes.

Today, we have fresh corn, red cabbage, red and yellow onions, purple beans, Yukon Gold and Purple Majesty potatoes, garlic, and a variety of tomatoes! There are also lots of herbs: oregano, basil, mint, chocolate mint, sage, lemon balm, and rosemary.

We like to grow veggies you won’t always find elsewhere. We grow both traditional green beans and a less common purple pole bean. They change color as they cook, and the water from cooking them is really delicious. The purple potatoes are a deep purple through and through and make amazing mashed potatoes, but are good for making fries, baking, or any other common uses. The corn we have in the stand today is Stowell’s Evergreen corn, and it is a white corn. It may get a little more yellow as it cooks, but don’t be surprised by the color!

Grab a potholder for cooking with, or a reusable bag for putting your veggies in. We also have hand-dipped plates and bowls that make fun serving dishes or decorations.

There are also sunflower bouquets as well to decorate your dining room table for dinner tonight!

We accept cash, local checks, and PayPal. To pay us through Pay Pal, please send payment to (Checks payable to Danielle Faust).

Located by the old barn at 10308 Spring Lake Rd., Valders, WI.

We hope you’ll stop on in, or tell a friend to come by!

Love and Blessings~ Danielle

P.S. We are in the middle of harvest and preservation, and I have been dealing with some health issues, so the stand has been neglected for the past month. I cannot say for sure what kind of attention I will be able to dedicate going forward. I will attempt to keep updates here on the blog.

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