A Homemade Holiday Delay

Hey Friends!

I just wanted to give you an update on our Homemade Holiday series.  I had promised to publish a post on Saturday, and I just wasn’t able to follow through.  But I haven’t forgotten and  I just wanted to let you know where we are at!

Last week, the kids had a lighter school work load and Scott was off of work and either in the house our out hunting (no, unfortunately, he did not get any this season).  Between that and Thanksgiving, along with our oldest’s 10th birthday, it was a far busier week than I had anticipated.  I had hesitated scheduling anything for last week at all, knowing it was a holiday weekend, but ignored my better judgement.

Even though it was a busy week, it was also relaxing in many ways and allowed me more time to think and sort through some thoughts and ideas I’ve had running through my head than I’ve had in awhile.  I’m hoping to be able to share more about that with you all soon!

If all goes well this week, I should have the next post up on Thursday!  🙂

I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones!


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