A Dress for Fun

In February, I got motivated to do some serious sewing for the first time in a long time. I have always wanted to make a Regency Era dress. I love Jane Austen novels, and I just love the simple feminine style of the gowns that they wore during that time period.

I spent 3 afternoons working on the dress, so it was a pretty quick project. A few hours a day in the afternoon isn’t too bad for making a full-length dress!

I do so little sewing these days, that I was pleasantly surprised at how easy I found the dress to cut, assemble, and finish. There’s nothing too fancy about it on the whole, though it would be considered “fancy” for daywear nowadays.

I intend to make another dress sometime soon out of a yellow, but I have been focusing my energy elsewhere. The gown was really enjoyable to make, and I ended up researching the undergarments of the time and looking up designs for chemisettes and such.

I am pleased with it, but I discovered the neckline was lower than I had anticipated. As a result, for winter-wear, I needed a shawl or a chemisette to stay warm enough. I crocheted a shawl with an ivory white small gauge yarn to go with the dress for colder weather, and made a chemisette. The chemisette was not quite what I wanted, so I’ll probably make a a new one, or maybe a few so I have different options.

The shawl adds a little warmth, and will probably be perfect for spring and fall use.

It is surprisingly comfortable to wear, and would probably wear it more often, but without all of the proper layers, it’s not quite warm enough for winter. I would love to wear some “everyday dresses” more often, but pants are definitely a must for me with some of the work that I do. I can’t imagine trying to climb a ladder to paint in something like this, nor would I want to wreck such a dress.

The shawl took significantly longer to make than the dress. I couldn’t even guess how many hours. It was fun to make, though!

This gown is a combination of two different patterns, with the sleeves being from one pattern, and the rest from another. I intend to make another dress, and when I do, I will likely use a shorter sleeve and a different neckline.

(And yes, I know that my hair isn’t really done in regency fashion. I wasn’t intending it to be.)

I hope to do more sewing this year now that I have my sewing room in working order. The room has already been used more in the last few months than it was for all of the year prior! Miss Lady is sewing a dress, we’ve been working on odd craft projects, and I completed a few other small sewing projects and several crochet projects. I am so excited to have a functional workspace!

I’ll be sure to share more as the year progresses. What have you been working on this winter?

Love and Blessings~ Danielle


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